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Discover. Stroll. Taste. Swim. Nap. And do it all over again !

Holidays are thrilling adventures, for which you should be well equipped. The partnership between Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels and the German designer, ANY DI, embodies this very idea. ANY DI SunCover are the perfect accessories for your handbag or beach bag, adding an extra touch of elegance that makes all the difference. Discover a selection of ANY DI cases in your Beachcomber Boutique.

Choose from their fantasy patterns and colourful designs to find the one that uniquely captures the spirit of your holiday – or matches your outfit!




About Anne Dickhardt

After Anne had to end her promising tennis career due to a shoulder injury, she followed her passion for fashion and studied fashion and Design management in Munich. Her goal was to design a bag that was both elegant and functional. The idea for ANY DI came from her own experience as a frequent travelling tennis player who was looking for a multifunctional bag.
Her recipe for success for ANY DI is tireless effort and dedication. Each design bears her personal signature and the use of high quality materials ensures durability and affordability. 
Building her fashion label has been challenging, but with a growing team she has realised her vision. Each design is the result of her dedication and she takes on the challenges of the fashion business with inspiring perseverance.

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